How do sample expenses work?

Sample expenses are very simple.  

If you check out our product research workbook you will notice how we use it to help see the snapshot of a product.

The first thing you need to figure out is how much the shipping will be for your product.  This is a tool we use to estimate this and have an idea over what the supplier might charge you. It also allows you to figure out if shipping the product is even worth the trouble when you are doing product research.

Use the duty calculator to figure out the import taxes associated with bringing your product into your country.  What is important to understand with samples is that they would normally cost more than a bulk order.  You cannot just look at how much it costs per unit and assume the rest would be profit. You need to account for Amazon fees, shipping costs, and duty expenses. Anything after that is profit. Depending on what kinds of margins you want to see then it would make sense to take your time with the research and take everything into account. 

Samples are never free and it would be wrong to think they ever could be. The suppliers want your business of course but they cannot send free products to everyone that asks because then they would be a factory of samples.

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